ch, ch, change

Turn and face the change
ch,ch changes
Oh look out you rock and rollers
Pretty soon now you're gonna get older- David Bowie
I had a feeling today I should give a shout out to David Bowie. I wrote a chapter in my book entitled "Let your freak flag fly" which was intended as a celebration of those that dare to be different. The world needs more of those and strangely I seem to have surrounded myself with them.
How's this bit of wisdom by Bowie "the moment you know you know you know". When did you know you knew you knew you were destined to be an artist? I am not sure I ever had an epiphany. I just did it and I did it so long there was no turning back.
I've told ya I live in a small not so liberal rural  town. I saw a guy wearing black nail polish. I said to him "Hey your nails look great! You have a lot of guts to wear black nail polish in this town!. He said " I know I used to get the shit beat outta me in high school for my pink hair but I don't give a shit! I like being different!" I say " Amen, brother!"
So David thanks for your courage! I had a fleeting moment thinking about showing up at the North Carolina Potters Conference as a tranny. I lost the courage very quickly.


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