Too Many Non Paying Jobs

Mrs. Grass Keeper is not the first to tell me that I have too many non paying jobs. I figure since she has managed the Grass so well over the years I ought to listen. She said why don’t you post some good pictures of your finished work on your blog instead of casual shots on the kitchen table or on the glaze table? When Mrs. Grass Keeper said this I knew exactly who to call for advice and help.  I called my friend and former student, ex-cop, graphic designer/photographer, potter Franssie Rood. Frans sent me pics of the setup and I went dah, I mean dah. He said I’ll make it be at your house and install it. That my friends is a 2 hour drive away. Frans is handy. I’m good looking! Frans put this set up together in my basement that will be permanent. He is also thrifty and we spray painted the graduated backdrop. The fan is not part of the photo setup but to dry the  matt finish Tremclad paint. I’ll try it out tomorrow. Today was too hectic painting the kitchen, hanging a closet door, packing and shipping a pot for a show,  etc, etc. You know man work. It is never done!
Thank you Mrs. Grass Keeper for the passive aggressive nature of your prompting. Your commission cheque on the first pot I sell is in the mail. Thank you Franssie for being there for me once again. There are two kinds of people in this world- givers and takers. You my friend are of the former .

You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it! It helps when you have the backing of wonderful friends. I am indeed grateful!


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