Potter’s Power Ball

Today,  I’m  making some business cards. That is what I call my cups. I figure if you make a nice cup that someone reaches for each day you are putting your business card in their hand.  I love making cups!
I’ve been hearing about the American people lining up to buy a ticket on their chance to be a billionaire. Since the only thing I have ever won in my life is a fruitcake, I will resist temptation. I might add that I hate fruit cake.
So I’m doing some glaze testing in the hopes of nailing that incredible lustre I got one firing of the wood kiln with Ron Meyer’s pots. As instructed I rubbed manganese into the line drawings, sponged it off the high points and glazed in shino. Was it the firing? Was it the trace amount of manganese? I ‘m pretty sure it has something to do with iron.  I was going to phone my buddy Grass but he always gives me the same smug answer “Try it and see!”  I can’t win anything and there is no free lunch.

I got some ochre from my new buddy Frank when in Vancouver teaching at the Shadbolt.  I’m the guy going through the airport with a suitcase full of powder. Good thing it’s brown. The ochre is from somewhere either near Sooke, BC on the island near Grass  or somewhere secret on the mainland. If I can nail that lustre I will be a millionaire for sure. Not sure what colour a Rolls I will order. On second thought it probably wouldn’t start on a cold day in Ontario so my second choice is a Honda Element.


Ron said…
I'm a Toyota man myself. Didn't win. Tried though. Good luck with that luster.
ShellHawk said…
That's why they have garages! Lol.

Good luck on the new luster. I know you'll figure it out. And maybe share? ;)

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