Location, location, location

We all know the 3 rules of real estate- location, location, location. Well there is one location that should be the most important and the only one you can't leave behind- your body! Sadly I've left three good pottery locations behind but I carried this body with me to each one. I let myself go for awhile but that was 25 lbs ago. I've pretty well walked or ran since I was 27 when I was encouraged by the physical education teacher where I taught. As it turned out I had good lung capacity and could run the distances.
Today I created the 3 rules of exercise on this cold snowy winter day in the frozen north- layers, layers, layers. I had 6 layers on my top. Probably a bit of over kill as I was sweating when I got back.
We think as potters we get fitness from lifting clay, loading kilns, etc, etc. We don't! We mostly stand around or sit on our duffs. I run walk 2.5 k each morning. It takes about half an hour for the exercise and another 1/2 hour for the dressing, undressing, and shower. So it's an hour. It's easy to get up in the morning and say oh shit I've got too much to do! Oh shit, the plumber will be here at 9. Oh shit, it's snowing! Oh double shit, it's snowing and windy. Oh shit I got in late last night and had one too many glasses of wine.  I can think of a dozen oh shit's that would stop me each morning. Truth is I feel better when I drag my butt out and put in the time. Location, location, location!


Ron said…
Good for you man! It IS easy to let exercise go for all the other stuff. And it's more fun to go make cups. I've been totally a slack ass since Christmas. But all that is about to change. Keep on moving!
cookingwithgas said…
Oh, shit. Thanks for the reminder.
Holly G said…
good for you. stay healthy.

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