SOS, HELP, 911

I have decided to get serious about being in business again. I ordered Quickbooks online so that I could start doing the accounting for my business. This is a big learning curve for me and something I’d really rather avoid. I’d rather be shot and peed on. Necessity is the Mother of Invention and I have more time than money so I had better learn to do this. I piled all my receipts in a folder for the past year and now the day after New Years when I have decided I will suck on Pelegrino Carbonated Water for a month I have to face this arduous task. Don’t phone me, email me or text me cause I will be in one awful, awful mood. I will be the ass of misery for days. This is going to be pure unadulterated hell on earth
. I’m afraid it is going to become apparently clear that I spend more than I make. How could that be? My old aunt and uncle lived their entire pottery lives below what Statistics Canada considered the level of poverty.  Interestingly their house was full of art, books, they ate well and travelled the world. Hmmm this sounds like my life. How did they do that? How do I do it? I’m not sure but I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. If you don’t hear from me in 3 days phone 911. I will have died from a popped vein from stewing over this mountain of drudgery.


Anonymous said…
At least if you spend more than you make, you shouldn't owe much in taxes!
ShellHawk said…
Oh, Tony, I am *with* you, my brother-in-clay! Being drawn and quartered seems like a cakewalk, if only because it would all be over so much faster than trying to get everything into Quickbooks!

Do yourself one favor, if you don't mind my advice. Get a bookkeeper to help you do the setup. It will make your life so very much easier, because after the setup, it's just upkeep!
Anonymous said…
Key to QB is a chart of accounts that works with your tax forms. Worth paying a real accountant a few bucks to help set it up this time, trust me.

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