Worn but not out!

This is the keyboard of my trusty ole MacBook Pro. It has travelled every where with me. It has been in mudpits around the globe.  I guess I hit the keys pretty hard with my nails as the letters are disappearing. If I had a penny for every reader I’ve had since starting this blog I’d be able to buy my used Honda Element or maybe get my stove top range replaced with a nice gas one.  To date there has been 597, 567 page views.
I even taught high school typing once in another life so I don’t do the poke and peck style typing. I remember to this date the fear I had when I stood up in front of the class and rattled off something on an old IBM Selectric Typewriter. I didn’t know how to type but they couldn’t see the ske8ej.sjdi3kwmdieyglt w on the page.  I tore the page out, riped it up and threw it in the garbage and told them I wanted them to type like that. I was only one exercise ahead of the class for an entire semester.  Never let them know you’re a bull shitter.
I can’t imagine trading in my old friend Mac. He does everything I can think to do with him. Well there are some things I need to update. Mac can do it but I just don’t know how and  I find ways to survive without making the changes.  I really don’t miss my IBM Selectric and the White Off I used to have to use for corrections. This is one instance where I'll go with silver. 
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver

The other is gold


Linda Starr said…
Yeah for oldies but goodies and for some things that aren't obsolete within a year; I have an hp tower still working probably more than years old and an hp laptop about more than 8 years old still working; you could put some stickums on the key pads saying what letters they are, I know how to type but so far my keypads aren't worn out so no need to worry aobut it, dh does hunt and peck so he needs to know, tower has an actual keyboard which is newer because I spilled some liquid on it. Laptop internal mouse is worn away but still works, knock on wood.
Anonymous said…
Linda: You're not the first one to spill wine on a keyboard. Just don't do it on a laptop.

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