No Twiddle Twaddle

I really must give a shout out to a blog supporter of mine from Canada’s Wet Coast. She started reading my blog in 2007 when I was doing 4 months of graduate work with USU in Jingdezhen, China. She loved the blog so much she was moved to write one of Canada’s national newspapers The Globe and Mail to follow me. Well, enough said -of what interest to the nation are the ramblings of a demented mudslinger? You know who you are and I thank you for your love and support for these many years.
Today in an email to me she mentioned her children loved her work but she was more critical and was tired of doing twiddle twaddle(her expression). 8 years of reading me and I have one victory of record. If you don’t have to buy the butter, pay the mortgage, car payments etc, etc why twiddle with your twaddle? Oh, I’ve heard it before- My partner wants me to at least pay for my habit and so I sell my twiddle twaddle. Has your partner joined the Pro Circuit to subsidize his/her golf habit? Besides that it is always the partner that is the scapegoat.

The Hamilton Potters Mentorship Group are gearing up for our final hurrah with a showing of wood fired work at The Carnegie Gallery in Dundas  Feb 5-28. This has been 18 months of mud, sweat and beers along with much critical dialogue. They have gained the confidence to trash talk their fearless leader. We trust each others judgement and respect where the constructive criticism/dialoque is coming from. It’s not about you! It’s about the work!!! If on Feb 5 you are sitting at home alone thinking about twindling with your twaddle come on out to the opening.  We are very excited about this no twiddle twaddle show.


Ron said…
A potter once told me that Mick Casson said you have to make 'some and some'. Some for you and some for the market/them/whatever. I don't really like that. I just want to make for me. But I do have to sell it. So I do struggle with the balance of what I make. I don't have another income. My partner does have a good job but really she's not cool with me just making pots that are gonna stack up out there in the kiln shed and never go anywhere. I have struggled with this for years...the making for me and for the market. But do like the pots I make, but now and again I will make some things that I feel like have a better chance of selling. (Like your slab trays). (Mine will probably warp and go in the shard pile)( See comment on previous post about my not taking chances any more)(Loser).

Ah, I'm losing my thread. Ok. Well, I will not give in. I will continue to make for me and them. Some and some. I do wish I could just be like Jean Nicolas Gerard and whip out that crazy earthenware. Or R. the Rat who has always seemed to do what he wants, but still curses 'those stupid animals'. No teaching gig for me though. As if I ever really thought that mattered. The older I get the less courage I seem to have. That's not how it's supposed to work is it? Dammit. I need to go back to therapy!

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