Skin Disease

I think I have a skin disease as black heads and large black blotches have broken out all over my clay body. I think is a job for my childhood Clearasil when a pimple on your chin had you feeling like the whole world was looking at you. Yes in youth we are that vain.
I told Grass I was going to be working with some primary colours to go along with the carbon trap shino. There are two layers of slip, the shino glaze and then a wee bit of brush work thus creating multiple layering of the surface. I also no longer want to be the only guy in the room wearing a brown hat, brown shirt, brown pants and brown shoes. Like my clothes I’ve changed my pots.
Skyped Grass and Mrs. Grass Keeper to get their reaction and further direction. I am lucky to have the red phone here in Aylmer that allows me to phone Head Office on The Wet Coast. Reaction was positive with Mrs. Grass Keeper wanting me to be sure I remained a man spelled M-A-N and not let those strong pots get to bleeding heart. Thanks Robin and Judi for your input last night( there now you know their given names).

Frank’s ochre was a bit disappointing with lots of big iron spots. I suggested ball milling. Grass suggested calcining first.  I’m going to fire again this week with some ideas from Head Office. I’m in search of Gold- Otto’s Gold. I think I’ll live with these pimples for awhile.


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