Glazing in a Tea cup

This is not my favourite of things to do in the pottery. The day I make a bucket of glaze. I think more people ruin perfectly good pots by trying to glaze them with a tea cup full of glaze. So you saw the jugs I made. They ain’t gonna fit in a 5 gallon pail of glaze. I would end up pouring the glaze all over which way and generally making a mess. Unlike my friend Dick Aerni I don’t have the temperament to spray round and round, up and down. I love the effects Dick gets but it just don’t suit my personality. 
One of the biggest things I learned from Mick Casson was to narrow my selection of glazes. I have. I use one shino glaze in a large garbage can . Colours are achieved with coloured slips applied on greenware, the shino glaze overtop and now with a bit more confidence with the brush the addition of coloured oxides. I also now have a number of 5 gallon buckets with some accent glazes- blue crystal, copper red and old yeller. I have some temmoku too if I really feel like throwing money to the wind. How big a colour pallet does someone need?

Nothing more frustrating for me than to have a room full of bisque and 29 pails of glaze. What to do??? I’m a mud and water man slowly inching my way into the land of the rooster and the


Ron said…
Right on dude!! When I was doing glazed pots I had a 20 gallon trash can each of shino and temmoku. Ha. 'Throwing money to the wind'.
Now I have 2 big cans of flashing slip and a couple buckets of liner glazes. Easy peaze. A fellow potter once told me he had over 30 five gallon buckets of glaze. Holy smoke! I'd be a basket case.
Rock on!
The trash can full of shino is a staple in my studio.

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