Aga Khan- The Middle East

I like to read my horoscope every Thursday and decide whether or not I like it for that week. This week he completely nailed me. The following just ain’t gonna happen.
There is a 97 percent chance that you will NOT engage in the following activities within the next 30 days: naked skydiving, tight-rope walking between two skyscrapers, getting drunk on a mountaintop, taking ayahuasca with Peruvian shamans in a remote rural hut, or dancing ecstatically in a muddy pit full of snakes.
What I have found in this life is that it is just as important to know what you ain’t gonna do as it is to know what you are going to do.
This week I visited the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto which is a showcase of some wonderful Middle Eastern art objects- glass, ceramics, textiles, inlaid wood. It is a wonderful museum. So many look to the Far East for inspiration which completely overlooks the wonderful craft objects of the Middle East- Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Irag which was the hub of trade between China and Europe. There are objects in the Aga Khan made in the 3rd century that will blow your minds and wonder if we have really progressed. 
 I changed my phones and lost all my pictures.
There were art objects in the museum that without a word of a lie would take years to complete. The artistry and fine detail are out of this world. These craftspeople didn’t have to make a living. They had a sultan, king, emperor that was keeping them alive while they undoubtedly slaved over the details of these objects of beauty.

The system of patronage is mostly gone and it leaves us to make what we can to stay alive and still try to create beauty.


Unknown said…
So true. In my experience, the life of a working potter is oftentimes a compromise between the time you would like to have to make objects and the time you actually have to get through a work cycle and get your objects to the show. Much respect to you Tony.
Unknown said…
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