Sleeping with the Itch

I doubt there is anything I could write this morning that would shock any of you.
While you were all uptight about the US election I went to bed with the Itch.  The Itch didn’t like the foot I put on my meds. Itch said it was too flowery. Whenever I do something flowery the Itch trashes me. I wanted to scratch the Itch so went back and cut off the flower pedals and just left the stem.  Actually the smaller foot gives the jug power. I also made 4 more and was more casual with the foot. 
I pleaded with Itch explaining that the foot was referencing Flemish painter Peter Breugal paintings of medieval orgies where the wenches were carrying these wonderful jugs with thumbed feet. Itch said those feet in the paintings were loosely thumbed and no how resembled a flower. Itch said the flower didn’t relate to the loose slip application and the strength of the form.  Sometimes you got to scratch the Itch even if it draws blood. If you insist on being easy on yourself you will land exactly where you belong.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.- Steve Jobs
 Thanks Itch for keeping me up. Now if only you’d give me a back rub and a good night kiss.

At the last wood firing one of the students used PSH 900 as a thick slip. It flashed beautifully. Thanks to Cassara for making some up for me.


smartcat said…
You done good!
Nice reminder that sometimes the brain just has to shut up and let us get on with life!

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