He said "No!"

I am loving the development of my new character “the scratch ya can’t itch!” Scratch usually surfaces around this time when the Guild Sales are in full swing. I have loved the responses on FB. I’m interested that Mary Philpott( ( a peer I hold in very high regard)  said that some and some doesn’t work for her. Full speed ahead , damn the torpedos but don’t take my advice.
I think some and some needs translation. Make some for the marketplace but always make something for yourself. Do you make something for yourself on Fridays or for every wood firing or for exhibitions? How much time out of your busy pottery life do you make work that challenges you both aesthetically and technically? Those that get all defensive have no extra gear or overdrive to shift into. They have reached the end of their creative journey.

I had Shane Norrie here today to pick out some work for the gallery. Shane is a friend, a long time collector of my work, a potter, a painter and a newly formed gallery owner- Shane Norrie Contemporary. I showed him my easy peasy slab trays and he said “no!”. To this I say in the loudest most enthusiastic voice imaginable “YES!” In this case no actually does mean yes. No more!!

Stop fence sitting Tony. Be brave, be different. Scratch is smiling at this post. Scratch was right again. Scratch likes to be right. Scratch, scratch, itch, itch!


Roux & B said…
You always nail it Tony. I've been sending your blog posts around my circle, telling folks you don't need to be a potter to love this guy. I tell them "He writes from a place of knowing, he's sassy, generous and loves bacon donuts."
Dennis Allen said…
Roux You could tell them to buy the book too. I think Tony may have a couple in the basement.

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