The Market as God!

Why didn’t anyone ask me to predict the US election? My goofey little blog may have held the answer. I have been blogging for over 10 years now. I can look at the statistics and see how many, who and where people are reading me from.
There was a wonderful program on CBC’s Tapestry hosted by Mary Hynes interviewing Harvard Professor of Religion Harvey Cox about his book “The Market as God.” I love to listen to brilliant people talk about religious philosophy.
Professor Cox turned his attention from the Bible to The Wall Street Journal and business papers to see that business has all the markings of a religion. The great growing religion of Marketism.
A dip in the Dow is big national and international news. The death of yet another homeless person hardly ever even makes the news. So how does this relate to my blog, potters and what happened in the election?  In my ten years of blogging my post “The Book of Negroes” was the least read post I have EVER written. I really don’t know what to gather from that. The market is God!
It’s a good life if you don’t have to weaken- Gord Downie The Tragically Hip.

Shown are a couple of jugs that my friend potter Steve Corner has in his collection. Different variations of the jug by yours truly. Thanks for the visit to them- Steve.


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