Where there’s a will

Where’s there’s a will I want to be in it.  I could use an unexpected influx of cash. Last night I almost started writing my own will. The little people left Grandpa with a big dose of a cold. In the words of John Prine- give my knees to the needy, my ears to the deaf if they don’t mind the size, my stomach to Milwaukee in case they run out of beer and kiss my ass good bye.
I got the Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers coming for a wood firing Friday so I got to kick this thing the hell outta town. Wanted to make more work for my Christmas sale but it looks like what I got is what I got. Both the electric and gas kiln are firing on auto pilot so I am spending the day in The Unemployment Office under covers with a tummy full of lemon, garlic, oregano oil, Cold FX, Vitamin C  and Advil. Oh yeah lots of green tea and water. 
Got some good pots for my sale. Some date back to wood firings of 2 years ago. Often times some of the good ones are the ones left behind. Many times the wow factor takes the in your face ones immediately and the more subdued quiet ones are left behind. My daughter Robin probably has the best collection of my work. Most of her collection is from shows where the piece didn’t sell. I look back at them and think gee that is a really great pot and I’m so glad she has it and I can revisit.
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver

The other is gold.


Dennis Allen said…
Send my mouth way down south to kiss my ass goodbye. You pick one helluva time to get sick. I always try to wait until January when I can suffer without a deadline. Hope you feel better.

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