In spite of myself

It’s been a year tomorrow since I got Sweet Baby Jane hooked up. Happy Birthday darling you have made my year. “You complete me” that corny line of Tom Cruise’s from the movie Jerry McQuire comes to mind.  I thought I had been a bit of slacker this year since I have been travelling all over Hell’s Half Acre. I never seemed to have 3 days straight of making pots but that said I am sparking up firing #24 tonight. I have managed a firing every 2 weeks in spite of myself. Oh and there were a few wood firings too!
I don’t know how potters can make a living without their own kiln. Those few years of borrowed kilns were almost the death of me. Marching to my own drummer seems to sum up how I work. I can’t tell ya when I’ll fire. I didn’t know till today that I would be loading and firing tomorrow. The shelves were full,

the wind was from the north, the blue jays woke me early, and I have been warned not to do any nude sky diving this entire month. What else is a man to do but fire his kiln.

Remember you don’t need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.


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