The Book of Negroes

Two January’s ago I visited the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta, Georgia with my buddy Doc Agel and then the next night I went to see “Selma” with Ronnie and Hester Meyers.  Birds of a feather flock together. I hang with compassionate and passionate people. 
 I saw hatred that I really had no concept of. Now on the eve of the most divisive election in US history I finished The Book of Negroes. This is the most compelling read I can remember. At times I didn’t think I could read on. The tragedies, indignities and suffering of the main character Aminato Diallo were horrific. I now wonder if The Civil War of over 200 years ago has ever been forgotten. It seems the haves are still doing battle with the have nots. Slavery is still alive it is just done in another way.

The world holds it’s breath today as our friends North of 49 cast their vote. My friendship with my US friends is bigger than any President you do elect. I am anxiously awaiting what my neighbors will decide today. Love ya till Niagara F
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