Whose gonna take the garbage out?

I was sleeping soundly when Itch awoke me to tell me once again about my resolution of the flower foot not being successful. Oh geez, can’t you just let a man sleep? I dragged my tired bones outta the rack and went down to the studio cussing and muttering away to myself about that Itch that I live with. Itch ain’t never satisfied.

I ended up breaking the entire foot off and Surforming the foot to make it look true again. I thought this was a better resolution so I climbed up the stairs and fell into the rack again. There was Itch wide eyed and nagging away at me to come up with a better solution. So here I am in the early morning wondering WTF to do? I think I am going to try to make an another foot pedestal style to set the jug base in. “Somebody will like it” is not part of my vocabulary. At least for the moment I have to like it!   If that doesn’t work I’m through with this Itch. I have had enough of this night after night nagging!! Whose gonna take the garbage out when I pack my bags and leave? Itch is gonna miss me and my Hefty bags.


Dennis Allen said…
I recommend you throw about 5 lbs into a truncated cone about 6 inches tall, cut out half circles at the base to make feet and attach. At least that is what I do when I make a 'Tony" style pot. Then some wise guy says something like " nice pot on that foot "

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