Closing Time

I had a good day in the studio today. Finished my 4 jugs and I’m much happier with the resolution of the feet. I did a different version of the double wide handle. I’m in training for a tag team workshop I am doing in Cincinnati

 with Josh de Weese next October for The Potter’s Council. Josh is one of the best handle makers in the bizz . We are both known for putting handles on handles.
I trimmed and handled 20 cups and then went for a walk in White’s Woods which is a beautiful 600 acre Carolinian forest near to my home.  A walk is a good time to think. I came home and made Jack a negroni. He is sporting the new negroni coloured sweater I bought him at Value Village. I blew the wad on him. $5.99 for the sweater and it was Senior’s Day so I got 30% off. I bought 3 sweaters and two pairs of jeans and spent $28. I love that place.
Jack and I had our 5 o’clock cocktail and discussed the Itch. We kicked the Itch the hell out of The Cactus Lounge. The Itch is now slaking down in a pail to be made the way I want it.  I am not about to compromise and resort to “that’ll do for now” or “somebody will like it!”. I have to like me before others can.  We’re home alone again in our man cave and enjoying each others peace of mind. It’s Closing Time here at The Cactus Lounge as we listen to Leonard Cohen and celebrate his music and life.
Closing Time
Ah we’re drinking and we’re dancing
and the band is really happening
and the Johnnie Walker wisdom is running high
and my sweet companion
she’s the Angel of Compassion

Thanks for so much good material- May the women tear their blouses off and the men dance on the polka dots.


mark f said…
A gifted artist and a great canadian...RIP Leonard!

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