Do you squat to urinate?

The last time Jen Drysdale visited The Cactus Lounge she asked me if I squatted to urinate? The reason for her question is that I have some interesting art objects on the bathroom wall that you can peer at if you have some time on your hands while going to the toilet.
My house is my narrative. Each and every object in my house tells a story of my life
. The little woven frog in the bathroom I bought from a blind man on the streets of Bejing when the USU gang were leaving China after 4 months of incredible study. In fact I bought about 10 critters from this talented poor man for friends and family.  I paid him his asking price and gave him a little extra. No bargaining as is the way in China.
 My room mate, grad buddy and protector extraordinaire Trever Never Dunn and I were in the Muslim market enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of a fantastic bustling market. We were in different shops when the merchants obviously had caught a shop lifter. There were probably 5 shop keepers beating this man with canes and sticks. There was yelling, pushing and shoving and blood was flying everywhere. Trevor and I met eyes but we couldn’t get to one another. In the commotion I left my bag of critters in a shop.
We headed out into the open market to grab something to eat when the blind man being led by another man came to me and presented me with my critters that I had left behind. Word from that shop keeper had travelled like a bullet to the blind man and he set out to find me. I don’t think two bearded rough looking white dudes were too hard to find. I was blown away!  What is the moral to the story??? There are probably several but for me it is I paid an honest price for wonderful work and I was repaid with honesty! You don’t have to be rich to be generous or honest.  Ain’t that such an easy lesson in life


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