Ain’t no vegetarian convention

The Cactus Lounge Flame throwers gathered for a blast off of the bourry box. The pot luck had the world famous Tony’s BBQ ribs, lasagna, beef stroganoff, and salad just because we heard it is good for you. Oh yeah there were some killer desserts too- the non fatting kind of course.
The meat tasted all the better the next day warmed in the firebox of the kiln. Much faster, quicker and tastier than preheating in a microwave.  Teresa made veggie chili at the firing just because she thought maybe we had had our fill of red meat. I told her it was delicious and then went home and fried up a ½ pound of bacon just to try to kill the taste in my mouth.
Kiln sailed throughout the night and then got stubborn around Cone 9. It took us from 6am to 4 pm to get the cones down and even out the kiln. So what that means is we got about 10 hours worth of jam on the surface- yummy!

I’m a little slow off the mark today. Getting ready for my weekend sale. I will start dreaming about new works for next week in the studio. I then have till almost the end of January to make work for me.  I then  head down to Georgia to help Ratie with the Ratagama. I always find that so inspiring.


Dennis Allen said…
I find salad is great to hide your meat under when you want to look like you are eating responsibly. Also prevents people stealing from your plate.

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