3 certain ways to lose money

I now know there has been good reason why I never really liked pretty. It is so temporary and fleeting. Yesterday a beautiful red lily and today all shriveled up.  What does excite me though is that it seems each day I am being presented with another pretty flower. One loved me and left me yesterday only to be replaced by three champagne coloured blossoms. They will leave tomorrow. I wonder if it has anything to do with my cooking? I want to plant more of these day lilies as they are a sort of medicine that my soul needs about now. I looked forward to coming home to them and had hoped they would wait for my return. They did!  I am loved!
I can see places where I could spend a lot of money on this new bad habit.
I always thought there were 3 sure ways to loose money and now I think I may have added a fourth.
Until today the 3 sure ways to lose money were-
1.     Gambling is probably the quickest.
2.     Women probably the most pleasurable.
3.     Wood firing pottery probably the most certain.

Andrew and I cut and stacked some wood this weekend. 6 pallets of sweat equity . By my calculations on this falls firing schedule I need to cut and stack 59 more. I may end up looking like the wilted day lily. It’s 84 in the shade today so I think I’ll just stay inside and make pots.  I really need to clone myself. I always get a laugh outta people that say they fire their wood kilns for free. This process is the most certain way to lose money that I can think of. I’ve always maintained I have a strong back and a weak mind. The day lilies have put up no argument to that.


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