So glad to be back here at The Cactus Lounge. I swear the garden was here waiting to shower me with her beauty. Strange that so late in life I would fall in love with flowers. You water them and they don't say a word back atcha. Nourish not nag!
My Mac Lap Top Pro is well beaten with trips to China, Korea, Italy, Wales, all over the US and Canada and it really should be replaced. The keys are worn off to the point I couldn't read the keyboard. A new plastic mat and a Logictech mouse for $19.95 has saved the day. This allowed me to buy what I really wanted for the garden is a new man toy to do my manscaping. I bought a Husquavarna multi unit tool that whipper snips, hedges my extensive hedges, trims branches and with another attachment edges the garden. Gotta love a good man toy. The man that dies with the most man toys wins.
I planted some sticks in the ground last year and have been rewarded with these beautiful hydrangeas.  The day lilies continue to surprise me each day with something more spectacular than the day before. I wish I could compete with Mother Nature in the beautiful dept but it just ain''t possible.


Your flowers a beautiful! I have tried growing hydrangea and managed to keep it alive for 2 years. I need to read up and try one again. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!
gz said…
I like the hydrangea petiolaris...the climber..better than the mopheads,but they all have their place.

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