No this is not a wolf crying “ Fire”. This is the real thing happening in BC where I just visited so many of my friends. BC is covered with trees, trees, trees and more trees. They are also experiencing extreme drought due to “fake”  climate change. The last I heard 47,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Many will not be returning to a home.
We as potters know the power of fire. Many of us wood firers have felt the burning of unprotected arms or face when stoking a wood kiln at peak temperature. What kind of temperatures the brave men and women fighting those fires may be experiencing blows my mind.  

Send as little or as much as you can to  We pitch in when others in the world are experiencing disaster. I’ve done my part and now I send my love and courage to the displaced people and the heroes fighting these multiple raging fires. The heat and air quality are frightening for me to even comprehend. Be of courage and be safe- Canada!


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