Moving in with Jen

The best readership I ever got on my blog was "Moving in with Dan". Everyone wanted a little dirt on Dan and me. This was perfect my coming out on FB. Sorry to disappoint y'all but  it was about our residency at Starworks in NC where a carnivore and a vegetarian will try living and working together. Before that happens I'm moving in with Jen. Well at least I'll be staying at her house for the weekend during my September workshop in our Nation's Capital- Ottawa. Ottawa is an amazing city. If it didn't have such nasty winters it would be a great place to live.
I feel a squeamish about this pos
ter. I have trouble being listed as a Master potter. I never feel like I have quite mastered this craft. Each time I start feeling cocky about what I'm getting out of the kiln the sun comes up and kicks me in the ass.
I think Canada had or has a group that self proclaimed themselves Ceramic Masters.  When I first started teaching at Sheridan College you were called a Instructor or Teacher and when I was finished it was Professor. Titles seem to be so important to people. It brings them a sense of self importance.
See ya in Ottawa.
Dr. Anthony Clennell


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