All Gawds Little Creatures

All Gawds Creatures Love Bacon
I made a series of  10 bacon bowls. I’m in a show with Mary Philpott who makes fabulous creatures so I was inspired to fatten up my bacon bowls with some of Gawd’s little creatures.
I have the press mold my Aunt Cavvy made in art school in 1946 of a squirrel so I made some black squirrels and some brown squirrels. I don’t much like squirrels. I figure they are just a common rat with a better Public Relations Agent. It is illegal to shoot them in town so I figure by firing a few to Cone 12 I’ll get even with the little bastards for all the bird food they stole from my feeder this year.  Yummy range fed Premium Quality Birdfood fed brown, black or gray squirrel. Might be tasty in some gumbo.
Then last week when I was at Home County Festival listening to music there was my buddy Chris Snedden pressing out some song birds in a rather nice mold. Hey Chris I love those birds where did you get the mold. “I dunno” he answered. Well the song birds came home to Mr. T and he is slip casting a flock of them with slips enhanced with stains and pigments. I want red, orange, black, blue and white song birds. I’m going to perch them on my bacon bowls and other such pots.
My blue song bird is for Grass. Judi gave me a Zip lock bag of Cobalt tailings from his materials inventory. It is unrefined cobalt most likely from Cobalt, Ontario. That mine has been closed for some years.
As I lined the birds up on my table I was listening to Michael Enright talking to a black sociologist discussing Obama’s contribution.  We here in Canada have flown our own Confederate flag when it comes to First Nations people and the residential school system the Church imposed on them.
I want a white bird kissing a black bird and a white bird kissing a red bird and a red bird kissing a black bird. I want these song birds to be love birds that see no difference in the colour of one’s feathers.  The Blue Bird of Paradise will stand alone as the lovliest of all birds and perhaps who we should all aspire to be.

Shane Norrie Contemporary I have no idea where this show is all going but it won’t be because I didn’t give it some thought. Remember I'm just another one of Gawd's little creatures.


Cyndi said…
Wow! Please give us a look when they are fired.
Are you winding us up?! Are you rea
Ly going to use them critters?
Anonymous said…
Cobalt has become so expensive lately, they are thinking about opening those mines again,
Cobalt Ontario might become a boom town again.

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