Free Hot Dog

I’m offering a free hot dog to anyone that can guess the body parts in their hot dog. If I don’t have any takers, I have three really nice pots that are of exhibition quality. They were on display at the Alabama Power Works Exhibition when I was the presenter at The Alabama Potters Conference in March. They are at the gallery owned and operated by Susie Bowman –
The Kiln Studio, Fairhope, Alabama - Phone 251-517 5460 email-
Rather than pay to have them shipped back to Canada I have asked Susie to sell them at a very fair price for some of the pots I considered top shelf.
Big jug $200USD
Big Handled Bacon Bowl $250USD
Boat $125USD
The mate of the jug went to a clay supplier in Georgia.
It was a sweetie and was picked by my friend Frank Tucker as a token of his friendship. The Big Bacon Bowl is huge with puncheong stamping, made in two pieces with an additional thrown foot and thrown handle. It is definitely a center piece with a floating crystal rutile blue glaze liner. The boat is very subtle with meat tenderizer stamping and all natural wood firing.
If you want a representative piece of my work these pots really speak to what I have been up to over the past 35 years.

If anyone guesses, what’s in their hot dog you have to come visit me and I’ll cook it up for you.


Stephen said…
Hotdog could be all parts except the squeal!
Unknown said…
Chicken lips and turkey duppah's! BTW sweet jug ya got there ❤️
Ronit Sharma said…
Woahhh! The Most Awesome Post I Have Ever Read ??
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