Penis Envy

I had envisioned these jars with a big hand built handle over top. I made the handle and it is pretty nice but it didn’t look anything like my drawing. I also mid way thru the making I   decided to make a giant knob. I threw the knob like an upside down trumpet and cut it off with a twisted wire my friend Mark Issenberg gave me. I put the knob on the lid and it was flat. I am not a fan of flat so I blew in the end of my knob to dome the top. Hence a hollow knob with some nice marks on the top. The jar soon became about the knob so I cooled off with the big handle and the ribbon handles I have been doing. They are big jars about 45 lbs and I thought by adding small handles they would better show the scale of the pot. I’ll cover them tonight in case I am just not satisfied with this less is more turn of events in my today’s making.
The big long knob was the result of me listening to some tunes and  staring at my man plant that shows off his stuff so proudly and without shame. That plant is Mother Nature’s way of making us men feel inferior. I never wanted a Corvette so I figure Freud’s Penis Envy didn’t apply to me. I always wanted a VW Bug convertible. Holy shitzkie what is that saying?

I don’t think I was to observant of sexual references in nature prior to going to USU. My fellow grad student C. J Jilek was making ceramic pieces of flora and fauna that were very sexually referenced. At least once I knew what I looking at the light went off and the erotica presented itself. Mother Nature is a dirty ole lady. I like her a lot.


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