Coffee Culture

Coffee culture has changed. When I was a kid my mum made coffee in a perculator and put Carnation Condensed Milk in it. The Carnation Factory was here in Aylmer across the road from the 1 million square foot Imperial Tobacco Company. Both are now history. 
Herb the milk man delivered milk to our milkbox at the side of the house during the week was invited in for bacon and eggs on Saturday mornings.  Rumour had it that Herb was my father as I am so different from my two older brothers. It was also said that my mum put warm coffee in my bottle as a baby.
Time marches on and so does my addiction to coffee. For many years I used a Bodum filter press for my Joe. A year ago I started using an Aeropress since I only needed to make one cup of coffee at a time and don’t like reheating it. The Aeropress makes better coffee but I found I couldn’t use it with some of my favourite cups that had narrow tops or trimmed narrow bottoms. It won’t fit on the narrow top and I tip the cup over when pressing down with a narrow footed cup.
Remembering one of my favourite pots(coffee pot by lengendary Harry Davis)  in the collection at Judi Dyelle’s I thought I should make some coffee pots to use with an Aeropress.  I figure I should try to make the coffee pot legitimate again. Sunshine Cobb did that for me with the garlic pot. Then I saw one of Bruce Cochrane’s killer garlic pots. I use garlic so why do I hide it in the fridge?
When was the last time you used a clay coffee pot? Such a much nicer presentation of coffee to your guests than a glass press. There are still some us that prefer a teapot to a teabag and a coffee pot to a

 glass jar.

Experience is the comb life gives you after you lose your hair.- Judith Stern writer.


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