Born to be Wild

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway- Canada’s Steppenwolf with lead singer John Kaye. I almost wore out his solo album.
Born to be wild oughta be the theme song for Starworks Wild Clays.
Andrew and I went to dinner the other night at Emma Smith and Jesse Black’s General Store. We had an awesome meal, talked pots and likely bored Jesse to tears. Emma brought home some nice pots from NC Potters Conference including a nice bowl from my ole studio mate at USU- David Peters. Denny Gerwin organizing a midnight raid on the pool didn’t surprise me. That’s our Denny.
Emma gave me some high iron Wild Clay from Starworks that I made some cups outta. I don’t really look for good throwing qualities in a clay. I look for good trimming. Possibly why I don’t much care for porcelain. Hard to trim any nice loose gesture in it. Bruce Dehnert is my fav at handling porcelain and I think that is because he wedges wet silica sand into it which makes for some very nice trimming.
The Wild trims beautifully with large chunks of aggregate that I thought was grog but on close inspection some looked like chunks of quartz. I like the drag of aggregate under a shino. It gives the glaze more character. One thing that is weird about the Wild clay is when pulling handles it feels oily like it has natural lanolin or coconut oil in it. It that just plasticity?

I’m making a couple of 6 piece jars that hopefully will sport a big slab handle  in the shape of the McDonald’s arches. I crave a Big Mac but never eat them.I

 am using roofing tar paper to use as a template for the handle. I almost always make a quick drawing of these sectional pieces so I can visualize each section as I make it.


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