Drinkin’ beer in church

I went to the Home County Festival in London last night and met up with my buddy Chris Snedden for a beer. Where else can you go to listen to great music for free (by donation), attend church and have a beer.
I had gone to listen to rockin Gospel singer Dione Taylor and the Backsliders. Dione said you can’t have faith without doubt. Where do you think I get all the nonsense I talk to y’all about in this blog? My sources are varied and to write I gotta be out there and on the move.
Dione of course had me thinkin’ about why I love making pots and firing them in a wood fired kiln. It’s all about doubt and faith. Some need control. A good safe glaze, a reliable programmable electric kiln and pots that look the same time in and time out.
Every single time I fire the wood kiln and I have been doing it now for over 35 years I am filled with doubt. I have faith in my collected knowledge, and the kiln. There is always however doubt about the wood, the weather, the load, and whatever God can throw at me.  I had a beer in the honour of Allah, Mohammed, God or Krishna toast night so I hope she/he will lend me the right hand of God to steady me in life’s voyage.
Chris told me he had shown his wife a pot of mine that he liked and she responded “I don't get it!”  and he tried to  explain what there was to get. I can only answer “ Look longest at what you don’t get and it is from that you will learn the most.” Thanks Chris for your faith in my pots and for trying to overcome your wife’s doubt in them. Now that my friend is your early Sunday morning sermon.- faith and doubt.  Now go mow the lawn and have a beer. It’s Sunday your day of rest.
Sometimes you gotta crawl through the middle of all
But don’t compromise your heart for something crass
When everything you do just feels like nothing new

This too will pass-  Rodney Crowell lyrics to This Too Will Pass


Unknown said…
Geez Tony, If you make it through here again someday, I'll take you to the Beer 'n Hymns service that one of our churches holds weekly at a local pub.

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