Hard, hot and quick

For over 35 years I’ve had an eye out for a good pile of wood. I’ve been driving past a pile of limb wood at this Amish farm not far from here for two years now. Apparently the women don’t like it for the cook stove because of the small surface area as it burns too quick. Hmmmmmm you know what I’m talkin’ about! I asked the old Amish geezer for a price and he was thinking this white guy had fallen on his head and hurt himself. A year later he talked turkey and I got myself about ten wagon loads of full blown high test Amish rocket fuel.  This is limb hard wood of ash, maple, beech, oak, cherry and hickory. I’ve fired Cassius Clay 20 times and I don’t think I’ve ever had really well seasoned wood that don’t need spitting and the scratching of my butt to put Cone 12 down. This has me more excited than a harem of naked women.
I’m hoping we have to fire with the brakes on and I’ll have to distract our closer Emma Smith from throwing her 96 mile an hour fast ball that just may well take the back wall outta the firebox. This is
going to be like stoking rockets. We'll still do our 34 hours because I know by now that the ladies like it slow and so do I. 

I’ve also found over the years that all the surface goodness is in the bark so hey we’ll be stoking a lot of bark with these little wooden firecrackers.   Life is good when ya got good wood.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you are going out on a limb, but I'll knot disagree!

Things are heating up North of the border! Different stokes for different folks. Have a blast firing this one off (as if you never do!)

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