I get up each morning, make a coffee and check to see how Donny may have embarrassed the American people, who he has insulted or whether or not he has started a war.
Perhaps as a friend of many Americans I ought to stay out of the shit storm y’all are embroiled in. It’s not my circus and it’s not my monkey.
 Andrew has been going thru some old magazines and he left out a copy of Contact Magazine November 1998 with my very first published article. The article was titled “Off with his wee-wee!” and it was about word and art censorship. There are three rules for writing and I don’t know any one of them yet- apparently.
The town where I lived had commissioned a totem from the indigenous people of the West Coast. He arrived with his wee-wee exposed.  We civilized white men had arrived 150 years ago with alcohol, syphilis, trousers and the Bible and they have learned nothing of our common decency.
There was much shock and horror and council debated wrapping him a loin cloth, sending him back, hanging Christmas ornaments on ole Blind Bob or doing what Laurena Bobbit did to John Wayne Bobbit while he slept. Lucky for John Wayne his wee-wee was surgically reattached. I wonder if he got an extension?
At that time I was also listening to Shock Jock Howard Stern and remember him saying that the people that hated what he said most vehemently listened to his show the longest. Here I am vehemently opposed to almost everything Shock Prez Donny says and does and yet I am glued to US politics like a moth on a light bulb. Gee, do you see any parallels?
I am  not in favour of word censorship. You have every right to be wrong. Hell, I have on more than one occasion shot from the lip and offended some very good people.
Don’t you get cleaner in hot water? I guess ya have to start with clean water.

Back in the saddle today. Nice to have my routine back. CBC radio is on while I make pots and catch up on world events The red day lilies waited for me to get home to Canada. Here is a beautiful red one- Happy Canada Day, eh!  The G20 is a really big stage for an actor that doesn’t know his lines. I’ll be up early waiting to hear who, what and how!


Barbara Rogers said…
So what's the end of the story about the totem? You're leaving us hanging!
smartcat said…
O Canada! Happy one hundred and fifty!

(I was off line yesterday,so this is my usual belated.🇨🇦

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