Come on funny feeling

If you only believe what has scientific proof I’ve got good news for you. Science tells us there is no such thing as colour just varying wave lengths. Light of different wave lengths appear as different colours.  Really I could have sworn my jeans are blue.
So if there is no such thing as colour surely there is no such thing as love!
I told of how my daughter on holiday in Portugal sent me a pic of a sardine doll she bought for Julia my grand daughter. I wrote her and said sardines remind me of my dad and how I hated the smell of them packed in that can of oil. She said my note made her cry.
Here is why she cried:
The day before she was in a Primo sardine shop and saw these wonderful cans of sardines. She said to the woman in the store who spoke English I just must buy a can of those sardines for my Dad. I don’t know why. I know he doesn’t like sardines but I have this funny feeling.
She didn’t know how sardines, with onions on a good bread and a cold beer were a favourite of her Grandfather who she only knew for a short 2 years of her life. She cried because she had felt a presence of something or someone in that store at that moment and my note gave her a conviction that she had been in the company of someone.  She had this funny feeling. Is it possible for me to be with her accompanied by my Dad when he is dead and when she is in Portugal some 3569 miles or 5743 kilometers away? Not scientifically possible, right! So what is this funny feeling?
Have you ever heard a song or seen a piece of art that lifted you to a higher place? Made you feel happier, more content, and more at one with your self than you can explain.  That ain’t science, it’s that funny feeling.

The funny feeling knows the truth the eye for eye and tooth for tooth
It’s something way back in your youth you should not second guess
The funny feeing never lies it’s there to open up your eyes
And make you stop and realize you’re blessed
So get this frickin’ anvil off my chest
Come on funny feeling- Rodney Crowell

In my world love and colour exist in Technicolor. If you have ever seen the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis you have seen light and you have seen amazing colour. If you have ever loved then you have lived. Come on funny feeling.


Unknown said…
There should be a thousand comments on here Mr. T., Thanks.

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