I have often sketched pots on the wheel. Many times when you make a sketch on paper and then make the pot on the wheel you can’t seem to get it right.
I think that most of us that make art each day see shapes and forms for pots in trees, potted chrysanthemums, gourds, tin coffee pots, rocks and as with me today- scraps of clay. We see inspiration for our work wherever we look. I’d love to be able to make the pots I sketched in scraps especially the one with the big bum.
Amber blew in today like a tornado in a trailer park and said although she liked the vazzzes I am making she thinks of my work as more masculine. So much for my New Age Sensitive Guy persona. She said why don’t you press mould the vase? I loved this idea. See why it is so cool to work with someone that thinks. I am so proud of the students I have in my circle. There is comfort in being able to talk as peers and not teacher/student.  I think I did a good job as their teacher, now friends and peers. Friends are the  envy of angels.
 The scraps I sketched with came from the making of pieces to add to the saucers to contain the light weight vases I’ve been making.  I am using heavily grogged sculpture clay for the saucers to contrast with the new age sensitive porcelain vases.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in The Promised Land and I have so much to be thankful for. I will start with my kids, my friends and for this wonderful job I have. I really haven’t had a job for over 30 years. To actually fool/sketch with some scraps of clay and call that work is kinda laughable. Happy Thanksgiving, gobble, gobble!


Anonymous said…
I read your blog every night before sleep, Tony. Your musings and recounts are lovely cantations that wrap around me like a warm blanket. Thank you for sharing.. SE
gz said…
We make in 3D,so sketching in 3D makes sense.
Enjoy being Thankful !
smokieclennell said…
Dear SE: I'm happy to be your warm comfy blanket. I on the other hand paid $350 for a lovely Hudson's Bay wool blanket to keep me warm at night. I love it! Stay warm. T

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