Live your life generously!

I remember my Uncle Jimmie saying to me “ A potter should live his life generously!” Most of the potters I know do just that. Most of us give far beyond our means to all kinds of causes.
Some people always seem to have left their wallets in the car or are the last ones to reach for their wallets when the check is presented.
I like generous people. Generosity that comes naturally and not done to be seen to be generous.
The other day in my conversation with Shane Norrie of Shane Norrie Contemporary he said he would like to offer a $500 gift of fine craft at the opening of our show “Bon Feu”. What you do when you don’t have to makes all the difference in the world. You have to be in the gallery at 9pm at the reception of our show if your name is drawn. You can also use the $500 towards a more expensive piece of craft or buy a couple of Tony Clennell’s. Oh and the cool part is we potters get to enter.
I’ve never won anything in my life except a fruit cake and I hate fruit cake. Opps actually I won 4 apples at the Springwater Meat Packers weekly draw. What is this with fruit finding it’s way to me? A pound of bacon would have been amazing!
Now, Shane didn’t have to do this and he said he didn’t want me to tell anyone. I said  “Shane man what the hell is this with the being humble? If people come to see our work, and your gallery maybe just maybe they will become converts to fine craft. You don’t have to say a word, I will. I have often been told I am a shameless self promoter! I wear the badge with pride. Almost 40 years in the bizz and a lot of clay under my nails. If you still believe that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door I’ll teach you what you need to learn next- Would you like French fries with that?”


Lori Watts said…
Wow, what a great guy! I wasn't familiar with the name so I googled "Shane Norrie." Fabulous work. For those who are curious, you can see Shane's ceramic work here:

Winning one of those would be way better than fruitcake.

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