Tuxedo Season

Last weekend I had the A/C on and now the temperature has dropped to comfortable cool evenings  and Heather Smit reminded me that I can don my Canadian tuxedo.
I remember when I was at USU Perry Haas said to me that all Canadians wore denim. I said “You’re so full of shit!” But ya know for the better part of 40 years I always liked a blue jean jacket. I like them with a nice scarf for dress up and they are good for firing a wood kiln.  
My tux sports a silver CF- 105 Avro Arrow. It was the most advanced, supersonic, twin engine interceptor aircraft in the world. My Dad worked for Avro and our family was on top of the world. Dad used to bring home little plastic pins of gold and silver for me to give to my friends at school. The Avro Arrow was cancelled by the Conservative Government in 1959 on what was called “Black Friday” were 14,000 employees lost their jobs. My dad being one of them. He went from an executive position to my mum and dad picking dew worms on the golf course while the 3 boys slept in the car. He was forced to sell his turquoise and cream two door hardtop 1955 Rocket 88 and buy a Volkswagen bug.
Roads are long that have no curves. Learning to drive in the snow and ice is also good practice for life. Doc Agel wrote: Our Inheritance: We contain all the beautiful qualities and actions of our ancestors....
My daughter Robin and Julia are on holidays in Portugal. She sent me a pic of a sardine she bought Julia. It once again reminded me of my Dad. Sardines on toast, a cold beer and how tears would roll down his cheeks when he laughed.  Funny it is the little things you remember and not the huge days like graduation or Black Friday. It takes a mighty long time to get a good man off your mind. It’s now been 40 years. I’ll remember you every time I see someone eat a sardine.


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