No Dress Rehearsal

 No dress rehearsel
This is our life- Gord Downie The Tragically Hip

I’m excited to show you the invite for “Bon Feu” a show that has been in the planning stages for the better part of a year. This will be the biggest and most ambitious show that Shane Norrie Contemporary in Stratford, Ontario will have staged since opening a year and a half ago.
Since wood kilns are indeed fired periodically you have to give everyone enough run time to make it to the show on time. Here is the brilliant one whose idea it was for this show hoping that I get a couple of racers out of this weekends firing. So as it goes in this game of risk there is no dress rehearsal. Pressure makes diamonds. The work is made and looking good now it is up to the kiln, the crew and Lady Luck.
If you can make it to the show I promise it is worth your while. We have rented The Red Rabbitt Restaurant for a pre show dinner. This is for the potters to celebrate our love of one another's good company and to shake off all the time we spend alone.
Please come to the show opening at 7pm and then you're welcome to join us at a watering hole nearby post opening. We have rented a hotel so we can continue the party and no one drives home. We potters have a reputation to live up to. We don’t get out much.
With Gord’s death I went on a soul search yesterday and had an imaginary talk with the person I was three years ago and the person I will be 3 years hence. I flirted with myself and asked myself some impertinent questions. Many wish they could go back in time. I don’t!
 No dress rehearsel

This is my life.


Anonymous said…
It would appear that your buddy Scratch has left the building. I'm just saying.
smartcat said…
Sounds like a good time in the making!
Alison Brannen said…
You left off Catharine Thomas on the invite -she is in the show yes?

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