Rumble in the Pines

This weekend The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers gathered for the long awaited Rumble in the Pines. We were well prepared for this rumble with great dry wood, fabulous fall weather, a very experienced team in our corner and the heavy weight championship show Bon Feu in our sights.
We have a plan that we follow almost to a letter. Teresa, Andrea, Amber and Julie set up the pace of the rumble with getting the chamber red and radiant.  At 04 we throw the body punches and our over night crew of Jen Drysdale and Chris de Takesy  hit them hard and consistently with cones falling like bowling pins. In order not to finish off the opponent too early so all could enjoy the fight they laid back with pulling passives, closing the damper and slowing the pace of the rumble. When Wabbit and I came on at 5:45 am Cone 9 was dropping in the front.
I named this kiln Cassius Clay for good reason. In my lifetime I think of him as the greatest athelete that ever lived. Cassius rope a doped me and Wabbit. For those of you unfamiliar with Mohammad Ali’s strategy of rope a dope  it is a strategy in which the contender lets the the opponent fatigue themselves by drawing non- injuring blows and then look out.
Well it took us until 5pm to finally get Cone 11 to it’s knees. Heat work over time. Almost 12 hours for 3 ccnes.
I have this little omen that tells me we’re going to have a good firing.- the landing of the Great Blue Heron on the pond. For three days I watched for him and nadda. Post firing Julie and I were sitting outside the kiln shed having a well deserved wobbly pop and The Great Blue landed in front of us.
Cassius is not an easy kiln to fire. He always reminds you that he can fly like a butterfy and sting like a bee.
I went home heated up some of Teresa’s yummy beef bourguignon, poured myself a wee dram of Knob Creek( a gift from Andrea) sat on the couch and went into a coma. I awoke at 11pm to find my favourite bourbon cup smashed on the floor in a puddle of bourbon.

It had been an awesome rumble. Thanks Cassius Clay for being such a formidable sparing partner and teacher.  Until we meet again my deepest respect.


gz said…
Sounds a good firing...we've just had one too.
Hope the pots sing

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