Feng Shui

Four more sleeps till The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers arrive with their pots for our final firing before our big show “Bon Feu.” Five actually but Jen shows up on Thursday and we talk late into the night .   
 Like an idiot I have shown or sold most of the good wood fired pots I have so I’m counting on a really good fire this coming weekend.
I carted some of the slip cast bottles over to put in the kiln kitchen ready for loading. I have a half dozen more to bisque.  Fall is really beautiful at Pinecroft and it is probably the nicest time of year to fire the wood kiln. No snow and ice, no mud from spring thaw, no scorching heat from the Hell’s Kitchen of the summer. It is a beautiful time here in The Promised Land.  We have however been having some torrential rains and blow the trailer park to hell winds.
All I will have are these slip cast vases. I don’t know what has happened to my life over the past month since the show “The Storytellers”?  Even my bed shows I’m in some kind of hurricane. I wake up to find my comforter on the floor on one side of the bed and my Hudson’s Bay wool blanket on the other side of the bed on the floor and my linen sheets all wrapped up around my feet. I have no idea what the hell is going on but if it were an orgy I forget the participants and the details.
The pond is covering over with algae and the geese are landing by the score as they are contemplating going south to shit on America.  I’ve been told they poop every three minutes.  We could give it good reason to be called The White House.

Canada geese are the Armed Forces of Canada. We considered snow balls as our arsenal but goose poop is so much more nasty and effective.

I’ll go over to the wood kiln this week and clean the kitchen, decorate it a bit and prepare the gang to become one with the environment. As one of my wise students told me many, many years ago “ The businesses that will be successful are the ones that  will create an experience!.” I try really hard to make that happen at Pinecroft. The 5 senses are being looked after.


gz said…
wishing you a good firing.
We (Scottish Potters Association) have a making and firing weekend this next weekend with John Christie..anticipation abounds!

It was interesting to read John Bauman's blog on woodfiring (by poem) and the prose reply ..

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