Certifiably Cuckoo

I believe that if you surround yourself with things made with love that love will enter your body. I love objects made with concern for process. Process is what interests me in the making of my pots. The entire process not just parts of it. They are all important from the selection of the materials to the final finishing.  I don’t want poorly made objects of plastic and veneer stapled furniture in my house. I believe the anger of the poor production process enters your soul.  Ok so I’m cuckoo.
 A few years ago I decided I would buy myself one significant piece of art a year. Last year was an Outsider painting by J. Payne of Georgia and this year I ordered a high back Windsor from David Ambrose a chair maker of over 30 years experience.
I ordered the chair in May and just received it. Well made objects take time.  Thank you Santa! and David!
Here is some of David’s process- red oak for arms, backs, and spindles. Hard Maple for legs and pine for seat.
The tennons are fully dried in hot sand whereas the sockets are left semi- dry. The snug fit at time of assembly shrinks to become immune to seasonal changes in humidity.
The seat is deeply sculpted using an adze, inshave, drawknife and spokeshave.
The spindles are hand whittled rather than turned.
In short a lot of hand work to make this heirloom chair for me to pass on to my grand children.

I now have three collectible Windsors. One is the well used David Fleming (Ottawa Valley)  who is now retired and the other from Bodger in Wolfville, NS. Each has a story of it’s own. They are now joined by this beauty by David Ambrose. I have been polishing it with my butt these past two days. A beautiful new ride. I’ve just added more love to my home. I can feel it! I really can!


smartcat said…
A wonderful chair that already has a history. If I may make a suggestion, record somewhere the history of each chair and it’s maker. I hate seeing the story behind the object get lost.
Wishing you and all you critter housemates a Joyous Yule!
P.S. what is that absolutely fantastic covered dish on the chest in the back ground?

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