You're wrong!

You’re wrong and you have every right to be. If you think the spout of these teapots was facing the flame you’re wrong. In all my previous wood kilns if there was an element of my pot I wanted enhanced by the flame and the ash I would face it to the firebox and hence the flame. With this kiln designed and built by Donovan Palmquist I get action front and back. I like that the pots have two windward sides instead of one side blasted and the other side quiet. 
The design features a flame coming back at the pots. The flame goes up over the bag wall hits the arch travels down thru the chamber. Most kilns have the flame exit the flue or flues at the back to the kiln. This kiln the flame heads over the pots down to where the flue usually is and is directed back through the pots to exit in the flue channels below the kiln shelves. The back wall is so much nicer than the the bag wall which is a place usually coveted for nice ash and colour.
So I have these teapots I’m hoping are enough to crow about for Mary Philpott. Can I pick one for you and send it Mary? I’ll totally top up the anty so let me know what Santa is lusting for. I’m heading off with all the Canadian geese for the winter so there is no hurry for a crow. He would only be lonely here at The Cactus Lounge although Jack has decided to stay home and gaze out the window. 
Well it’s been a long day unloading and cleaning Cassius Clay. Crit here at the lounge, cook supper, do laundry I think I better go shower and shave.

You’re ten years old now, you have to take a shower every day…. I don’t give a shit if you hate it. People hate smelly fuckers. I will not have a smelly fucker for a son.” Justin Halpern Sh*t My Dad Says


smartcat said…
The handle king strikes again! Beautiful! Lush! Elegant!

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