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This blog title won’t create too much traffic so I can say what’s on my mind. Thanks Emma Smith (M) for taking the time outta your day to help me refresh my blog that was in long need after 10 years and for trying to bring me up to speed on Instagram. I love ya kid and you know that!
I drove home thinking all the way of you and a few others that are part of my family tree. What have I done to y’all???  Who are you and who do you want to be is the question we pondered today. Do you want to be the top seller at the Guild sale , be the big frog in the little pond or a little frog in the big pond. You were a world traveller at a very young age so I think I know where you are headed.  The small pond will not offer enough variety for your life.
From today’s The Painters Keys by Sara Genn- Have an iron will and a butterfly mind.
M you are one of the few that asks the question “why” and is not that concerned with “how to”. Why a treadle wheel for cups and bowls? Why wood? Why clay like Starworks provides? Why fill in a handle? Why pull a handle versus an extrusion? Why fire slow? Oh shit the list goes on and nobody cares except you, me and a few others. As long as it sells is so often the answer.
So back to the question “Who are you?”.
You want to be top seller at the Guild sale that is one road.
You want to be  a teacher and a mentor? That is quite another road.
You want to be a teacher outside of the little pond? That is yet another road.
For many years I preached some and some(some for the marketplace and some for your soul)   but now at this point in my life I just can’t do it all. If you pick something up, you have to put something down is my new mantra.
The Guild sale wants Christmas ornaments, the potter’s conferences don’t.  The potters want your undulated rims, your edges, your dry surfaces that you love  and the Guild doesn’t. One day you will have to decide. As for now you need both. You and your good man Jesse Black live by the sword- ya need the money. Do what ya have to do until you get as old as me with a pension then you too can pontificate.
I’m having a sale this weekend. I need to make room for my imagination. It’s gotten even larger now that I have decided to put something down.

My new bourbon cup by M.  Interesting that after the year you have had your work has gotten stronger. What does that tell us???? “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” Frank A. Clark “If you’re gong through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Thank you, T. Your words are second only to Mr. Churchill's - if you're going through hell, keep going. Makes me wish I'd had you and Mac as mentors when I was very young and the path (with obstacles) was still long in front of me. Here I am 75 years old and taking orders for berry bowls. Nuthin' wrong with berry bowls, I suppose. I'm still trying to figure out who I am, what I want and what I'm supposed to do.
Vicki Hamilton said…
I have a thing about the term "seconds." Not sure why. My sign says "Old Stock and Discontinued Items."
gz said…
A good post..and a stunning change of look!
Remember the late Peter Goodridge, head honcho at the Aberystwyth festival?

He always used to ask..."and what do you really want????" such a difficult question to honestly answer.

Yes, "discontinued items"...seconds get The Hammer

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