Staring Death in the Face

I took her to the Mac Hospital yesterday in desperate condition. I had been staring into her blank look for the weekend and wondered if she could be revived. She has been laid in mudholes  from Canada, USA, Korea, Italy, Wales, England, Scotland, Italy, and France. My date doesn’t get treated to 5 star hotels but pottery studios the world around. They say dust is the enemy of technology and I live in the dust bowls of the world.
She was not only looking blank she was frozen cold. When I took her to see the computer surgeon at The Genius Bar he looked at her and told me she was a dinosaur. I said yes she has many long miles on her but she is the love of my life and I want to be with her as long as I can. He told me I would have to wait for a 2 ½ hour operation install that might work but if it didn’t there was nothing he could do since her parts were no longer available. She is a 2011 model of built in obsolence. I sat at the Genius Bar with my hand on her command key. She is the only one I’ve ever known that did what I asked of her. Can you see why I am so loyal to her?
I have a 3 months of residency in NC and I need to take all the cash I can. You never know when Dan and I will run out of carrots to grill. Carrots in a meat state like NC are rare and expensive.
I am looking at a new companion but man they are expensive these days.
I will miss ya darlin’. I ain’t looking cause I have seen someone better. You have been the best and I love ya till  Niagara falls. I don’t need or expect very much. I probably only use 10% of your potential. You just need to be able to write for me and show off some pictures on my blog once in awhile. Oh yeah you do my banking for me so I don’t go out all that much. I say a lot of things on my blog but I ain’t a heretic because I don’t have a thousand or more people that believe I am in possession of the righteous truth. I have a few more to convert

Dear Santa: I would love a Mac Air. I almost certain I made the Naughty List. I have worked really hard at it this year. Love, T


Kim Overall said…
If you have a kickstarter type of set up Tony, I'll contribute for your Mac Air for Christmas!
Gottovi said…
My old MacBook pro died earlier this year. I'm typing this on the "newer" 2010 MacBook air. Sigh. I suppose I'll have to bite the biscuit and get a new one in 2018 also.

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