Strong back, weak mind

This past summer I moved 6 bush cords of limb wood from an Amish farm. The women didn’t want it for their wood stoves so I thought HMMMMMMMMM perfect lunch for Cassius Clay.
That was in the boiling heat of summer and I thought I was going to perish.
So recently I discovered another Amish sawmill with a pile of over 7 bush cords ( a bush cord is 4’ x4’ by 8’). This wood was too thin for wood stoves and would burn too fast according to the boys at the mill. If I’d get it off his property within the week I could have it all for $360. The wood is free, it is all about the labour.  Their labour and mine. They cut it and piled it and now it is up to me to get it the hell outta there. So now instead of the parching heat it is -9 and snow squalls. I really must be stupid! I don’t complain to them as they work from 6am till 10pm.  Hard working people that seem to be full of smiles and bodies that don’t appear to contain an inch of fat.
This pile of wood is ash which is my favourite wood to fire with. The Amish say that green ash burns hot and dry ash burns even hotter. This entire load is thin ash well seasoned. What I like about ash is that it doesn’t coal up, it burns hot, and it gives this peculiar green flame outta the stack. My firing season starts in early April and it feels good to be getting food in the pantry.
Here is a pic of what the Emerald Ash Borer does to an ash tree. It is an invasive species that is causing significant damage to the ash forests of this region. The Amish say the forest to the east of us towards the US are done. No ash trees are worth cutting for lumber anymore. The ones to the West towards to Toronto are still OK but not for long.

I love living here amongst the Amish. I eat well and get the benefit of their wisdom. They don’t listen to musical instruments and they don’t have art on their walls which I couldn’t handle but I do love the work ethic, the strength of community and the handshake as a seal of your word. I’ll have that wood off his property within the week come hell or wicked snow squall. I shook his hand. It is a done deal. Thank you Cassara for helping me unload at Pinecroft.


gz said…
I like dealing like that..a handshake and it is done, sealed and honest

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