Music for Christmas Day

This is Scrooge speaking. I hate Christmas music. Yep, I don’t even like Silent Night and I would fall asleep listening to a choir. Thank Santa for Apple Music and Eric Botbyl for suggesting I give Alabama singer song writer Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit a listen.
This morning I was reminded of a guy at The Alabama Potters Conference last year asking me what happened to my hub caps? We that live in the frozen north usually have 8 tires. The 4 snows usually go on spare black rims to save your chrome wheels from the salt. It is also normal protocol at the end of your drive to put your windshield wipers up so they don’t get frozen to the windshield.
So I cleaned the driveway, put my ear buds on and went for a walk in the sunny, bright, blue cold day to listen to Jason. I hope you find something to love, something to do, when you feel like giving up. A song to sing, a tale to tell, something to love will serve you well.
So here I am home telling a tale. The man work is done- the driveway, the laundry is going, wrapped some presents, and I’m smoking one of Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy’s hams to take to Toronto tomorrow to be with the loves of my life- my kids and their kids.  Imagine that- the kids of your kids. You hold your breath for about 25 years hoping your kids will survive recess and then this new crop of sprogs show up to make you worry some more. It’s a bit like handing over the stoking shift to someone else. You trained them and now you got to put the ear buds in and go for a walk.
Hey Eric if ya got this far, I see James McMurty is touring with Jason. I was going to suggest James to you. I really like his work too so I can see why they would team up. I think another guy from your neck of the woods is Chris Knight that I also wore out for awhile.

Dinner last night at Amber’s, tonight at my cousin Brenda’s, tomorrow at Robin’s and then the next night at Emma’s. I don’t think I’ll starve this Christmas. I may have to suffer through Christmas music at Brenda’s but other than that I think I’m good for avoiding the carrot sticks, the fruit cake and The Hallelujahs


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