The Ghosts of Christmas Past

I joined my two kids, and my 3 grand daughters in Toronto for Boxing Day. For my American friends that is the day after Christmas Day.. Robin’s house is a shrine to my pots and visiting there is like seeing the Ghosts of Christmas Past.
Scrooge pleads with the spirit to show him no more, to which the spirit replies
“ These are the shadows of things that have been. That they are what they are, do not blame me!”
Firstly a large vase that was inspired by my love of the ash glazes of Richard Batterham. I loved his work and still do to this day.  I probably had just bought Phil Roger’s book on Ash Glazes which I still think is one of the best books out there for looking at nice pots.
 Then my crusty as a bear’s arse and gnar- gnar series. I started to absolutely fill the firebox chock o block at the end of the firing to create a reduction cool and a bear rug  surface of ash that didn’t look melted but more likely sintered.  The ceramic phone on the wall is the work of former student Amber Zuber.

Then a couple of cups that were made on my treadle wheel. I love these cups. They are low and somewhat bottom heavy but peek inside. You can see the marks of a slow wheel not this machine like thousands of circles look you get with a fast wheel.  I can tell by the feel of these cups they were made on my slow wheel. I hope I have access to a slow wheel at Star for some cups. I’m not good at big pots with a slow wheel but the cups are something special. These cups were also made at a time when everything I did was carbon trap shino. I remember frantic emails from Malcolm Davis about what I was doing that he wasn’t. He would have some glorious carbon trap firings and then some bright orange ones. I did too but I never told him about those ones. I liked it when he begged.  He was  such

a Drama Queen when it came to the performance of begging. Those cups reminded me of him. The Ghosts of Christmas past came visiting today.


Anonymous said…
Malcolm Davis really was a special fellow. He is missed.
gz said…
its always interesting to see your own work in another setting,be it gallery or home. Puts a whole different light on it,literally as well as metaphorically.

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