The Best Sex of My Life in 2018

Each week I look forward to Wednesday so I can read Rob Brezsney’s Free Will Astrology and find out what his predictions for the week are for me. Sometimes I don’t like what he has to say so I ignore it but today man he had me all excited. I thought man this is the year I’ve been waiting for all my life.  Rob predicts I’m going to have the best sex in my entire life. Sadly, it then goes on to say especially if you cultivate the kind of peace of mind in which you’ll feel fine about yourself if you don’t get any at all.  Great Rob, I never signed up to be a GD monk so cut me a break willya? The Cactus Lounge is not a monastery. It's a bar with drinking, dancing, Flame Throwers, Hot Potatoes, Poker Stokers and all sorts of debauchery.
Well that was my intention but so far it has been a fantasy and not a reality. 
  I put the Carlsberg sign on last night to see if anyone would drop by. It hasn’t ever worked but hey 2018 might show some interest.  A turn around is in the air.
The cast iron bra and bullet proof panties are hung for those unsure of what is going on in here. I don’t want to be among the long list of predators that seem to be surfacing. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I read battered and bruised Dennis Allen is having a hard time reading the new format of my blog. I figured if I gave a hot and sexy blog title he would find a way. His hands are most likely trembling trying to find a way to read Smokieclennell’s Best Sex of 2018.  Don’t even think of pulling in here in your RV,  Dennis. I can handle the 2018 action all by my lonesome.
I cleaned my garage/kiln room, vacummed and wet mopped my studio, had my car detailed and I’m  getting ready for my weekend sale. I’ll probably start making again on 

Tuesday after my talk to the Hamilton Potters Guild. Gotta stay in shape for 2018.


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Sex Positions Photo Book...

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