Show some respect

I'm in Day #2 of hauling wood from the Amish. It is a lot of hand bombing and mindless work suited to this guy who is a bit burned out from a busy year. The work suits me. Today the father said "Horse rides are free today and asked me to join him on this horse pulled green contraption that is his snow plow. The horses were amazing - backup, sideways, forward all the commands they understood fully. The Amish believe that the camera steals their souls so don't like photos taken. I fully respect their wishes and wouldn't want to dishonour them. There are so many pictures around their farm that I would love to show you but I am an honourable man and that is why I got asked to hop on the sleigh and plow the driveway. Show some respect and get it in return.
Real estate in my world is very expensive and the Amish are looking at over a million and half dollars for any kind of farm. The father told me parts of the group are moving to southern Manitoba just north of the Minnesota border where land is $500 an acre. Boy, what a loss to me and my community. I see kids on the farm that are actually working not long after they have learned to walk. I don't want to even start the comparison with kids that are raised with a sense of entitlement.
Here is a little blurb for a workshop I am doing pre NCECA in PA.   My friend and editor Lois Wilkins  will be present which will be fantastic. I am doing the eulogy for Robin "Grass" Hopper at NCECA this year and will be in a show with Ronnie the Rat that excites me. Enough of the name dropping I have wood to stack. That always brings me back to earth.


gz said…
good work in the snow.
Losing hardworking people is a blow to any community.

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