You've changed

It's Christmas Eve Day and all through the house not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. It's a funny time of year for me. I always have too much time to reflect back. Here is a pic taken by a friend while I was presenting a talk this month at The Hamilton Potters Guild. In the back ground is me some 40 years ago with my cop moustache that I sported for probably a dozen years. They were cool then but then so was a Rat's Tail hairdo. Too much grey in it now. Nobody would believe I am only 46. I did actually start making pottery with my Uncle Jimmie when I was 6 years old .
It was Christmas Eve Day 40 years ago and I had 7 yards of cement dumped into the old field stone barn that I was turning into a studio. I had no idea how much cement that was and I kinda screwed up Christmas Eve working into the late hours shovelling and levelling. My 80 year old neighbour Elmer came over to help me out.
It is little wonder I live alone.
Then there is a pic of a lean mean guy with a six pack stomach standing in his 220 cubic foot  wood fired chamber kiln. That too was way more work than I expected. Strong back, weak mind and this crazy notion that I couldn't fail. I think most entrepreneurs have that crazy notion.
My Robin gave me this photo "You've changed". Yes, I have and so have you all. Celebrate the changes. I'm going to! "Bigger, better, more"  the title of a book on the ceramics of Viola Frey seems to fit the bill for this coming year. I'm resting today getting ready to work along side Dan Finnegan. From what I know of Dan not much moss has gathered on his life so I figure we'll make a formidable team.

Merry Christmas to all. Make art, make love, make friendships and make this coming year the very best one you can possibly sculpt.


Colleen said…
Merry Christmas Tony - all the best for 2018
gz said…
Good Adventures for 2018..and good potting!!
Cyndi said…
Happy Christmas, Tony. 2018 is going to be a very good year.

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