Ancient Chinese Secret

I got this dream class at USU with 4 students that want into the Bfa program. I've heard via the grape vine that there has been some grumbling about the quantities of pots I expect each day. What has happened though is the students are seeing that their throwing skills are leap frogging. I say jugs , they say pitchers. I tell them pictures belong on the wall. They resisted jugs and I said shut up and make 6 by tomorrow. Grumble, grumble, grumble and voila some really nice jugs. Joni didn't get her handles on so she ain't in the blog. She's working tonight to be competitive tomorrow. Peter age 18 has never made a jug this size or pulled a handle. Alix age 19 grumbled at making 6 jugs for tomorrow morning- I think her jugs(pitchers) are killer. Stu probably around 26 is loving the competition from the youngsters and if he ain't careful he's going to get his butt kicked. These students are your competition if you want to be in the top ceramic programs in North America. Give them 3 or 4 more years at USU and think of what kinds of portfolios they will have for graduate school. Yes, it will have my mark on it!!!
I knew Russel would wonder about my texture so I am showing my ancient Chinese secret. This roulette was used for putting the ink on wallpaper. It was probably garish wallpaper but it is great texture for my hand built pieces. I lay down tar paper and roll the monster roulette in between.


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